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IndoPartners is a company established in 2016. Our HQ are based in France and the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, is our main operational location.

Our mission is to facilitate access to the South-East Asian markets of Civil and Military Defence, including a strong focus on Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia.

Our partners are local companies working with Gov. Agencies as well as Private Companies. See below.

Our catalog is about Value Added and Innovation, meaning that ALL our products are easier to use and they ALL have unique locking specifications, world-widely recognized by experts. 

@ MANUFACTURERS: we will be very happy to know about your product(s) and we don't care about the status and the size of your company, at the moment you are passionate with what you develop.

Some markets in which we operate, such as Intelligence, require 100% confidentiality. Accordingly, do not hesitate to contact us directly for any request. We also have solutions to guarantee this confidentiality.


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Fabris: +62 811 9933 079
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